Photography that Inspires!

As an artist, I write and photograph intuitively. My artistic creations are an expression of my passion for nature, travel, photography, and spiritual discovery. My photography draws the eye to the natural beauty that surrounds us, yet often goes unseen. It beckons us to appreciate the innate process of being and becoming- the journey.

I invite you to check out all of my gift offerings and especially my new print collection entitled Spirit which combines beautiful images with inspirational messages.

Other inspirational gifts from Heart's Joy® include coffee table books, blank note cards and scenic landscape prints. They are ideal for people who are spiritually aware, appreciate nature and enjoy travel. Inspirational gifts from Heart's Joy® are ideal as graduation gifts, teacher gifts, friendship gifts, birthday gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, retirement gifts, promotional gifts and holiday gifts.

Inspirational gifts from Heart’s Joy® celebrate the joy in the journey!

Perfect coffee-table companion. Pairs beautiful images with thoughtful reflections. An amazing journey and inspiring experience!
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Deliver a unique personal touch! Blank note cards create a canvas for the timeless art of a handwritten note. Beautiful images from nature and travel photography featured.

New Spirit print collection combines beautiful images with inspirational messages.