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I invite you to tour and purchase my photography collections. Photography prints are available in three sizes – 5X7, 8X12 and 11X14. Purchase includes autographed print and white mat. Please note that it takes 2-3 weeks for print orders to be fulfilled.
These photography prints can be used as a beautiful design element for any space!

One of the things I love most about photographing nature and travel scenes is the opportunity to explore, experience, and share. I am astounded by the natural beauty that surrounds us and enjoy capturing and sharing extraordinary sights as well as ordinary moments.

I am passionate about travel and love to explore. Travel is a journey into other worlds- culture, language, food and belief systems- and into our Selves- how we perceive and respond to that which may be new and different.

Nature connects me to Spirit. It teaches by example and reminds us that we are all connected.

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